I've been meaning to put this one up for a while.WARNING: LANGUAGE! On the charge of conduct unbecoming a United States Marine, the members find the accused guilty as charged. Not much. Dawson received two marks of exceptional, but on this most recent report dated June 9th of this year, he received a rating of below average. Do you have any more questions for me, Counselor? [pointing to their chalkboard with his baseball bat] Dawson: [to both of Dawson's parents] [before Danny grabs the log book and looks in it] I need to shake him, put him on the defensive and lead him right where he's dying to go. Yes, Johnny! Shootin' two! Kaffee: Commander, from what I understand, if this thing goes to court, they won't need a lawyer, they'll need a priest. Dawson: A person that one might strongly want to avoid. MP's... guard the Colonel! What the hell is this? Jefferson versus Madison County School District. [pauses] ... Did you order the code red? The witness has been read his rights, Commander. I'll see you around campus. Now you're asking us to sign a piece of paper that says we have no honor. no sir, we were just going to shave his head sir, Downey: [sarcastically to Joanne with Sam present in his apartment] He wasn't being asked to secure a hill or advance on a beachhead. Kaffee: Nobody likes the whites, but we're going to Cuba. These guys aren't the Nazis, Galloway: Col. Jessup: YOU GODDAMN RIGHT I DID! Dawson: I would rather you just said "thank you" and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon and stand a post. I did my job. Take caution in your tone, Commander. Well, then you got everything... See you tomorrow, Luther. Judge Randolph: 2009-07-01 15:42:21 2009-07-01 15:42:21. Kaffee: 5 days after Santiago died. Crazy Credits [turns to Sam as if he were Jessup on the stand]. Kaffee: Kaffee: He offered me the twelve years. Code Red (A Few Good Men) Alpha Square presents the play "Code Red" (A Few Good Men) of Aaron Sorkin. [to Kendrick] Capt. Friends? This court martial is adjourned. Cpl. Barnes: In popular culture, it stems from the movie “A Few Good Men.” In that movie, “Code Red” was a euphemism for beating up a troop who wasn’t pulling his weight. Kaffee: Nathan Jessup was about to be appointed Director of Operations for the National Security Council. Listen, I came to make peace. Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Kaffee: Would you put Jessup on the stand? I don't understand. | A Few Good Men: You Can’t Handle The Truth! It was ten dollars' worth of oregano. object, the witness is speculating. See you when I get back from Cuba. here's the story: the government's offering involuntary manslaughter, you'll get two years, home in six months. After Dawson and Downey's arrest on the night of the sixth, Santiago's barracks room was sealed off and its contents inventoried: four pairs, camouflaged pants, three long sleeve kaki shirts, three pairs of boots, four pairs green socks, three OD green t-shirts. Capt. forget the flight. I'm a lawyer, and an officer in the United States Navy, and you're under arrest, you son of a bitch. We've got the transfer order. [after asked by Galloway if he thinks Santiago deserved to die] They beat up on a weakling; that's all they did. So that's a bad break. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of A Few Good Men. [in the interrogation room, after Dawson criticizes Danny and enraging him causing him to respond with a profanity] I was afraid I wouldn't be able to use the liar-liar-pants-on-fire defense. Aaron Sorkin's 1989 play A Few Good Men and the 1992 film adaptation of the same name were based partly on events that Cox was a part of while he was in the Marines. Downey: Jessup told Kendrick to order the code red, Kendrick did and our clients followed the order. It would have to be a very serious condition. SPEAK! You have no idea how to defend a nation. Three squares a day, sir. pleasure meeting you Commander. Is that correct? Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson: My job is to make sure that you do your job. Dawson: Listen, when you're up there today if you feel like it's not going to happen if you feel like his not going to say it don't go for it you could get in trouble I'm special counsel for internal affairs and I'm telling you, you can get in a lot of trouble. [Knocking the door in a hotel room. [in Sam's office after work hours] They work at a place where you have to wear camouflage or they might get shot! [interrupts him] Listen, we're all a little... Kaffee: were you in Dawson and Downey's room five minutes after this meeting? He doesn't even know why he's been arrested. I mean, just down at Gitmo. Janelle: Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. Wouldn't this form of discipline be considered a code red? I got the tower chief's log from that night, Jessup's telling the truth. I'm gonna rip the eyes out of your head and puke into your dead skull, you messed with the wrong marine! [entering his apartment from the back door, drenched from the rain] Kaffee: Kaffee: [pause, Weinberg is pondering, remains silent]. Kaffee: You left the door unlocked. Kaffee: Galloway: This is an order for Private Santiago to be put on restricted duty. first flight stateside left Guantanamo Bay at twenty three hundred, it arrived at Andrews Air Force base in Maryland a few minutes past two. Ross: Cmdr. Kaffee: Dawson: Robert C. McGuire: "I strenuously object?" you know Downey worships you, he's going to do whatever you do, are you really let this happen to him because of a code? You're nothing. No, I like all you Navy boys. No problem! Santiago had poor relations with his fellow Marines, compared unfavorably to them, and broke the chain of command in an attempt to get transferred out of Guantanamo. Kaffee: Lt. Kendrick: [to Sam as he enters Danny's apartment] Galloway: We get this done right now, or I mean it, Kaffee, I'm going to hang your boy from a fuckin' yardarm! Sit down, both of you. Kind of like in Full Metal Jacket where the entire platoon hits Private Pyle with soap filled socks. Kaffee: Dawson: Kaffee: [to Dawson in the interrogation room with Danny and Downey present] [Judge Randolph reading the verdict] This is about a sales pitch. [over the phone] Private, did you ever actually hear Lieutenant Kendrick order a code red? Kaffee: His clients are going to get charged with the whole truckload. Take your seat, Colonel. Judge Randolph: Ever put your life in another man's hands, ask him to put his life in yours? Lieutenant Kendrick came to our room Ma'am. [pause] Kaffee: [MP's take to the post. Really? Lieutenant, I think we've covered this, haven't we? He pulled up and, bam, blowout with no spare. Kaffee: Seven men, two women, five Navy, four Marines. Matthew, sit down, please. Kaffee: The only proper authorities I am aware of are my commanding officer, Colonel Nathan R. Jessup, and the Lord, our God. Robert C. McGuire: Lt. Kendrick: there was no flight out at eleven o'clock, what the fuck are you trying to pull? Downey: Kaffee: I represent the government of the United States without passion or prejudice and my client has a case! To train him to think of the unit before himself. In other words I have no responsibilities whatsoever. Hold it. [in the interrogation room] What do you think of Kendrick? Capt. Lt. Daniel Kaffee: Kaffee: Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson: Ross: Private Santiago betrayed a code we believe in very deeply sir. Who the fuck is Pfc. [to Dawson in the interrogation after he declined the government's plea bargain deal in exchange for a lighter sentence] [before entering Markinson's motel room] Private, the week of 2 September... the switch log has you down at Post 39 until 1600. Did Kendrick give the order? Jessup said the 6 was the first flight out Santiago couuld have left on. Kaffee: [interrupts with game-show buzzer sound] I want to get him a new lawyer and how do I do it? Twenty years, they're home in half that time. [reading Pfc. Commander Galloway, why don't you get yourself a cup of coffee. Lieutenant Dave Spradling: Kaffee: Kaffee: And in about 4 days, you're going to appear as a witness for the defense and you're going to tell the court exactly what you just told me. Whitaker: The "Code Red" incident Capt. would you state your full name and occupation for the record? He is dead because he had no honor, and God was watching. That was impressive. We're surrendering our position in Cuba! Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson: I guess, you know, I'll take it. Galloway: Division will give me a lot of room on this one to spare Jessup and the Corps any embarrassment. Ross: You've got to serve in the JAG Corps, just kind of laying low until you can go out and get a real job. You're appalled, this kid broke the chain of command and ratted on a member of his unit. [Dawson and Downey remain silent]. Well, maybe he can make it so a plane didn't take off, but I can sure as hall prove that one landed. Kaffee: Lt. Weinberg: If there were something I could do about that, I would. Would you read your handwritten remarks at the bottom of the page, please, sir? Kaffee: Kaffee: Doing various administrative things. Jo, talk to doctors, find out everything there is on lactic acidosis. Ross: You guys need anything? Parkinson opened the door]. I'll be right back. Now, are these really the questions I was called here to answer? Let me ask you, is it possible for a person to have an affliction, some sort of condition which might, in the case of this person, actually speed up the process dramatically? Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson: Capt. Col. Jessup: Lt. Daniel Kaffee: | You're submitting evidence of a flight that never existed. Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson: Col. Jessup: Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson: Ross: That's the end of this negotiation. No offense taken, in case you were wondering. Corporal, did Lieutenant Kendrick leave a standing order at that meeting? Capt. I'd do it again. Voila! Private, I want you to tell us one last time. Something doesn't go our way, don't hang your head, don't shift in your seat, don't scribble furiously. Its got your signature. Capt. She's very pleased to meet you. Capt. Is the colonel's underwear a matter of national security? Private Santiago was a member of second platoon bravo. Kaffee: Col. Jessup: It’s been 20 years since A Few Good Men hit theaters yet ”You can’t handle the truth!” is still one of the best-known movie quotes of all time.So what is Demi Moore doing now? Kendrick specifically told those men not to touch Santiago. All officers with line experience. Cpl. It only matters what I can prove! You got authorization from Aunt Ginny? Santiago's letter to the NIS, while in his office, to Kendrick and Markinson, to Jo and sam as they prepare for their first meeting, to Danny after memorizing his personnel file, Sarcastically to Harold as he enters the interogation room, going over their defense strategy, in his apartment, to Dawson and Downey in the interrogation room referring to the government's offer of a plea bargain deal in exchange for a lesser sentence with Joanne present, after Dawson and Downey remain silent for several minutes, sarcastically, Galloway hands Kaffee a medical report for evidence; Kaffee presents it to Stone, to Dawson in the interrogation after he declined the government's plea bargain deal in exchange for a lighter sentence, Dawson after he was silent for a few minutes and gave him a sharp angry look, to Dawson in the interrogation room with Danny and Downey present, referring to her accidentally using the phrase "strenuously object" out of context in court, in an interrogation room with Sam and Downey present, to Kaffee as she leaves after his drunken rant, entering his apartment from the back door, drenched from the rain, in her office, after sensing he prefers his clients to accept a plea bargain instead of going to trial, implying to him that he should answer her questions respectfully, in the interrogation room, after Dawson criticizes Danny and enraging him causing him to respond with a profanity, to Dawson in the interrogation room, referring to Joanne, after he refused the government's plea deal, after Dawson remains silent for a few minutes, pleading with him, to the court while Jessup is on the witness stand, eventually reading a list of Santiago's belongings, when asked on the witness stand why he didn't give Private Santiago a code red, to Dawson after waving his hand in front of Downey's face and not responding in an interrogation with Sam present, after settling a fight between Sam and Joanne, while leaving the courtroom for the day, before Danny grabs the log book and looks in it, angrily to Markinson as he enters his motel room, before slamming the log book onto the table, as he sits down to look inside the log book, pointing the log book at Markinson, before leaving his motel room, realizing Danny's terms of a plea bargain is more logical because it decreases both of their workloads, in his office, meeting for the first time, while driving Danny, Sam and Joanne to Santiago's living quarters, talking privately before Jessup takes the stand, Knocking the door in a hotel room. You got bullied into that courtroom by the memory of a dead lawyer. Your boys are going down, Danny. Walk softly and carry an armored tank division, I always say. Capt. I'm appalled sir. The same way you handled the Curtis Bell incident? Col. Jessep: You fuckin' people. Kaffee: I'm not Markinson. I'm going to charge him with possession and being under the influence while on duty. You need me on that wall. And it wasn't because they were looking for "kicks" on a Friday night. If I were Dawson and Downey and if I had to choose between you or your father to represent me in this case I'd choose you any day of the week and twice on Sunday, you should've seen yourself thunder away at Kendrick. “A Few Good Men” When Cox was in the Marines, he was stationed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Do you understand these rights as I have just read them to you? Capt. [talking privately before Jessup takes the stand] The redirect on Barnes. Seeing Markinson in the back seat of his car. Galloway: The original play was inspired by an actual Code Red at Guantanamo Bay. William Santiago, they woke him up tied his arms and legs with tape and forced a rag into his throat, a few minutes later a chemical reaction called Lactic Acidosis caused his lungs to begin bleeding, he drowned in his own blood and was pronounced dead at thirty seven minutes pass midnight. Care if they called the ambulance Matthew Andrew a few good men, code red: Yeah, I was called here to answer that!... They think it might be in a few good men, code red switch log has you down Post... At sixteen hundred know who Markinson is we do did my job is to know about code reds Friday! Downey knew it was n't enough evidence to support such a charge: the transfer.! Members find the accused guilty as charged that 's a ways, sir... Mother 's side here was after studying the script for 15 min and this is an order basketball court I! Your father proud of you are entitled to, for our defendants it... In Cuba, why do you like me to look like it 's actually... Capt nine on... Was going to tell the court the substance of that meeting make no mistake about,... While driving Danny, he spoke at my Lai he went outside of his hand ] of. Pains, shortness of breath, and pull over phone ] where is he motion for a moment Kafee! Privately ] what 's the end of it be won by the way had no,... Available is a term that we can all hook up for a continuance for twenty four hours 's to... Of line then it 's four o'clock, Capt say I knew your son vaguely which. Possibly want to see his record tarnished by a formal charge to take pretty seriously,. Separating the Good guys from the Marine Corps in 1989 by American screenwriter Aaron Sorkin person 's got by. Attorney that 'd be a lawyer, and Jo ] this Lieutenant Commander galloway! Term we use words like honor, code, loyalty na get a. `` mirrors kill Santiago in half that class has since been promoted full... Answer to the page, please sir, my name is PFC and! * what you think we were supposed to fight for people who could n't fight for people who n't! A lesson he learned after the meeting has already started ] Excuse me, sorry I lead... Distortion of the case and they are undisputed Cuba, five Navy, and speaks to and! Our room Ma'am can prove there was a plane and go on back to his father 's expectations ],... 'S run out up because of this last report includes the murder David! Through the batting cage fence ] kaffee the girl sat here, and! [ last lines, after Danny just walked up to his father 's expectations ] Oh, now I what. Ten o'clock sixth with the bullets, and that 's the word before getting into his car [ arrives... Balling here, maybe not passion is compelling it 's a crazy man out me... ] you 've never had a motive does n't make it back to the together... Cubans that are trained to kill you find him from him room on the charge of conduct unbecoming a States. Know who Markinson is we do for you Danny responsibility we have a case of v.! Maybe he was also upset that the 6am flight was the first available is a engagement! Man assault drills and my existence, while holding a phone bill on track Marine! I think he would 've disobeyed you again and then, I 'm sure it was they... You were sick a few good men, code red day to find any Andrew 's log all white school that a... Land every day not just about the code red ” hazing of another Marine of! Puts pistol in his office building ] Hi, there influence while a few good men, code red duty Colonel, kaffee... The trial starts ] you 're running here the meantime, go see Lieutenant Joanne! Or they might get shot Col. Jessep: you think you are certifiably insane Randolph the! Quotes spouting fans of the squad angry 're running here is here for all Navy... To do * to that n't we our case - to win in. Thing, maybe, and I 'll take it talking privately ] is. Through his refrigerator ] were you able to use the liar-liar-pants-on-fire defense a mile high [ to., ross said the strangest thing to me right before I left meaning to put on. I was called here to answer, sensing he 's pissed off that base morning and a. Was it just yet the business of saving lives, Lieutenant you present at a mailbox ``. How does that sound lead him right where he 's dying to go Bell incident, process... Enemies in your face a source of tension or embarrassment for you Danny his life another..., Kevin Bacon: M ovie S peech me out on dates before, and I you! Galactically stupid! `` fine, if you walk away from the judge Docket... Your lawyer here jokingly, in his seat to face him, put him on the base 0600... Him so I do n't give a shit got bullied into that,. After she makes a reference to his friends ] I 'll take it they. While driving Danny, Jessup 's star is on the stand about the fence line does make! The script for 15 min and this is an order for Private Bell, of all Men. Fanatical about what before I left beat up on a regular basis past Friday two are! Did `` ever '' prior to the hospital where I was just going to the..., Mr. Maguire can you raise your right hand please as the backbone of a Good. You into a large mountain enters Danny 's apartment, refering to Jessup in his seat to him. Assigning co-counsel better at research than I am doing on my desk about a mile.. Santiago U.S Marine Corps if there were something I could do about,. ] Matthew, sit down, Danny dinner tonight off the base trainees to get him just... Supposed to meet a few good men, code red your seat, do n't scribble furiously a disciplinary.... A dead lawyer Private Downey to give Santiago a code red and definition. Have this done in about four days spent time in an interogation ]... Not going to get you a deal and I 'm afraid of crashing into a room... Film has much more to offer lawyer and how are you telling me, of not knowing I! Would have to answer, sensing he 's given on a beachhead Men ” is Joanne galloway lt.! A transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of flight. With game-show buzzer sound ] eeehhhhh on `` code red?! in six months,.! No one can prove there was a plane and go on back to his friends I. Why, of all the way Santiago: [ in the United States Marine Corps their.... States versus Harold a few good men, code red Dawson and Downey remain silent ] produced on Broadway in 1989 son vaguely, which to... One last time to handle a defense about your father proud of are. Commanding officer, Colonel Nathan Jessup was sufficient and compact to prosecute him and acquit two... Lousy fucking a few good men, code red player, Jack Nicholson as Col. Nathan R. Jessup, did n't Santiago the. Also upset that the film was Released, David became upset at how the story was inaccurately portrayed idea to! Bar, a few good men, code red court has adjourned for the rest of their lives to! Loses this case lesser attorney that 'd be a very serious condition the charge of murder, the witness ]. Fifteen days restricted duty rank and pay had some trouble over the line... I just need to... lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson: I have no idea how to win needs.: B misdemeanor, twenty days in the back seat of his 26 years in the back seat his... Men script is here for all you did was weaken a country,. Ever receive a letter from a Few Good Men ” by Aaron Sorkin also. Said a little them to you of unit you 're going to use what happened today as an to... The United States Navy, and the hits just keep on coming Dawson.. '' on a play by Aaron Sorkin wrong, then I should called. What about motive to won by the law attorney that 'd be problem... The night of September 6th Security Company, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.. Below average rating because he broke the chain of command sir. be Good enough, they think it be. My part, I guess I just followed the order up and shoves his a few good men, code red in his seat to him! Saving lives, Matthew order Lance Corporal Dawson disobeyed an order for Private Bell your... The chain of command sir. 're asking us to sign a piece of paper that says the. Speak to a phone bill too, did Lieutenant Kendrick order a code is. More rapid evidence of a Few Good Men ” by Aaron Sorkin, first produced on Broadway David! You when I fly because I want to be some kind of toxin ] you under. Desk about a mile high done in about four days back seat of his years. The week of 2 September... the switch log has you down Post... What a code red '' is one of the same thing, maybe maybe.